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Welcome to Lighthouse Press

We are so happy that you could join us! Lighthouse Press is a small publishing, marketing and design company, owned by husband and wife team Gerry Brown and Suzanne Séguin. Located in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario, our primary focus is the design and publishing of small run books for authors. We would love the chance to work with you and invite book concepts from groups, heritage organizations, adults and youth. 

Meet our Publishers

Gerry Brown

Principal + Writer/Editor

Gerry Brown is a retired history teacher who began reading historical novels at age eight. Often dismayed by history curriculum in secondary school, he believes the day-to-day lives of people - in whatever time and place - are a more interesting and valuable study than treaties, constitutions or political theorizing. Deeply interested in the War of 1812, this, his first story of the 20th Century, is engaging, personal, and a thoughtful commentary on The Great War.

Suzanne Séguin

Principal + Creative Director

Over 40 years ago Suzanne started a small communications business in her home specializing in marketing, graphic design, and public relations.  Over the years she has had the privilege of serving on Prescott’s Town Council, with four years as Mayor.  Suzanne now proudly calls Cobourg her home and was recently elected as Deputy-Mayor for Cobourg Town Council. She looks forward to four more years serving the people of Cobourg.

Cobourg commemorates WWI

This year the Town of Cobourg had a successful commemoration of Armistice '18. Gerry recently launched his new book, "Memories from a grey wooden box" -  Cobourg Stories from The Great War

Arthur tells his personal story as he meets young men his age as they head to war. He can't go because of an injury. The tales back from the front are raw and Cobourg lost 38 soldiers from 1915-1918. Also included will be profiles of the young men that fought, the women who were nurses, the community that rallied together to fund and support the war. 

“Through the genius of Gerry Brown, we see with Arthur’s eyes his strange fascination with World War 1 and how he tries to make sense of it all: the battles, the mud, the barbed wire, the boys he knew who didn’t make it home and the ones who did that were never the same. It feels like we were there celebrating the Armistice on the streets of Cobourg with Arthur. The setting is Cobourg but the story could be a slice of life in the wartime era for any small town in Canada. Memories From A Grey Wooden Box should be on everyone’s bookshelf.”

- Judith Goulin, Past President of the Cobourg and District Historical Society 

Memories from a grey wooden box

A new Historical Fiction Book by Gerry Brown

Built around a series of memories, this mix of fictional and real characters brings to life the Town of Cobourg as it faces the challenges of the Great War and the many changes of the 1920s. The central character, Arthur Gerson, was born in 1895, but - the result of an injury - he cannot go to war, as so many did. Instead, he acts as observer and narrator, recalling events and people and giving each a perspective in the years from 1900 to 1929. Arthur is a fictitious character, but his observations illuminate the town in time and place.

Memories from a Grey Wooden Box is published by Lighthouse Press and is available for purchase for $15 (HST Included). The second part of the book includes a list of almost 600 volunteers from Cobourg and a special tribute to Gunner Henry Ivy from Cobourg. Armistice ’18 was a wonderful commemoration to the Great War and this book is a small contribution by Gerry Brown to these memories. This will be a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone interested in local history. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign.

Gerry is happy to sign books and we can deliver in Cobourg in time for Christmas. Any out of town orders can be mailed for a shipping and handling fee of $6.00. Payment can be made by Interac or by cash or cheque. For more information, contact Suzanne Séguin at 905-372-3984 or by email at sseguin@bell.net.

Lighthouse Books

COBOURG - The Spirit of the Place by Rob Mikel

“Rob Mikel knows more about Cobourg than any living person, perhaps more than any person who has ever lived.”

Katherine Ashenburg from her book Going to Town, Architectural Walking Tours in Southern Ontario.

Rob became interested in Cobourg’s history and architecture at an early age and has doggedly travelled the world to unearth the town’s forgotten past. After studying history and architecture at the University of Toronto, he worked for many years at the Toronto Historical Board, later Heritage Toronto. Since then he has continued to advocate for heritage. Rob has received the Lieutenant-Governor’s Community Heritage Award, and Award for Lifetime Achievement for his work, as well as the Mary Millard Award from the Architectural Conservatory of Ontario, for his contributions to heritage and architectural preservation in Ontario. His first book Ontario House Styles: The distinctive architecture of the province’s 18th and 19th century homes, was very well received. 

COBOURG - The Spirit of the Place is currently sold out. We are considering a reprint. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a copy.

Heritage in Markham - Celebrating 40 Years of Preservation Excellence

This Heritage Markham 40th Anniversary Book is as much about the future as it is the past. 

 With both the past and future in mind, we hope the exciting heritage projects identified within this publication can be an inspiration to Markham residents and visitors alike.

There is a treasure trove of preserved buildings within the bounds of the City, from village houses located in the heritage conservation districts of Markham Village, Unionville, Buttonville and Thornhill, to the farmhouses in the smaller hamlets and on rural concession roads. Additionally, there is an interesting variety of relocated and restored homes in Markham Heritage Estates, a unique subdivision developed by the City of Markham.

The Stones of Augusta by Sandra H. Robertson

The Stones of Augusta tells about the history of 172 stone houses and other stone structures in Augusta Township, Grenville County, including those in the villages of Algonquin, North Augusta, Maitland, and Maynard. Each ‘stone’ has a short description of the structure, the Crown grant, and when the property was bought and sold, with the original builder noted and the year of construction. The book is laid out, with colour photographs, and one can follow the roads throughout the township to observe these historic buildings. Map included. 

Please contact the Grenville County Historical Society to purchase this book. http://www.grenvillecountyarchives.ca

Still They Stand

Because They Were Loyal – We Are Canadian

This book was a project of the Colonel Edward Jessup Branch of The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada (UELAC). It is part of the Jessup Branch’s efforts to recognize the UELAC’s 100th anniversary that was celebrated in 2014.

The Colonel Edward Jessup Branch, which covers The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, was formed on February 24, 1968. It is named after Edward Jessup, a United Empire Loyalist who founded the town of Prescott in 1810.

For more information on the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada go to UELAC.org then to the Colonel Edward Jessup Branch.

Season of the Waves

It is September, 1812, in Prescott, Upper Canada. The St. Lawrence River divides Prescott from Ogdensburgh, New York, villages at war. 

Larger than life characters create a background: British Officers Colonel “Red” George Macdonnell, ambitious and aggressive and Colonel Thomas Pearson, professional and acerbic; William Gilkison, businessman, militia captain (and more) dominate Prescott, while David Parish, entrepreneur extraordinaire, tries to rein in the aggressive Major Forsyth and militia leader Jacob Brown in Ogdensburgh.

Into their midst move Nathan - embittered Loyalist, expert batteau captain; Peter Burns, Scottish gunsmith, ex-Shakespearean actor; Captain Paul Mason, young officer; and Sarah Hoskin, she of raven-wing hair.

Through their eyes, the day-by-day of 1812 in the colony comes to life in front of a backdrop of raids and trading across the river.

Lighthouse Press has a few copies left of this title. Price is $15. Please contact us if you would like a copy. 

Prescott Promenades 2

Imagine the days of the horse, of sailing ships, of tough, enterprising women and men who worked hard and long, living with a great hope for the future of a better town for their children. Imagine no 401, no cell phones, no internet.

The fruits of the labours of those men and women are the homes and the business blocks you can see today. These promenades show a variety of buildings - commercial, religious and residential - built mainly over a span of 80 years. It shows a progression of growth, from simple cottage to grand mansion. You will see a wide range of architectural styles, largely copied from English origins, as many successful businessmen and women built to reflect their heritage and their own tastes. 

Please contact the Grenville County Historical Society to purchase this book. http://www.grenvillecountyarchives.ca


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